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20MinervaFromTheRockJan1970.jpg (34372 bytes)

Minerva in Gibraltar, Jan 1970

27KashinClassRefuellingOffMoroccoJan1970.jpg (30365 bytes)

Russian Kashin class destroyer refueling off Morocco Jan 1970

29USSWarringtonOffMoroccoJan1970.jpg (18718 bytes)

USS Warrington Jan 1970

38MoskvaoffMoroccoJan1970.jpg (33442 bytes)

Russian helicopter carrier Moskva, off Morocco Jan 1970

39_Kaldin_Class_Destroyer_Jan_1970.jpg (26657 bytes)

Russian Kaldin Class destroyer off Morocco Jan 1970

40MinervasChopperoffMoroccoJan1970.jpg (34509 bytes)

Minerva's Wasp and crew Jan 1970

42_2ChoppersAndAKashinOffMoroccoJan1970.jpg (38987 bytes)

Choppers and Kashin Jan 1970

45RussianChopperJan1970.jpg (27423 bytes)

Russian chopper, from Moskva, Jan 1970. 

46SnapperSnappedfrom RussianChopperJan1970.jpg (34256 bytes)

Snapper snapped! Jan 1970

49KashinClassDestroyerMediterraneanJan1970.jpg (32413 bytes)

Kashin, as we take our leave. Notice sailors beginning to line the side. This was because we sailed past the Russian Flotilla lining the side, starting with Moskva. As we got to the last Russian ship, they were beginning to respond in kind.

50RussianFleetInMedJan1970.jpg (45193 bytes)

Russian flotilla heading out to the Atlantic Jan 1970

03_HMS_Eagle_inGibraltar_Jan1970.jpg (42192 bytes)

HMS Eagle - a REAL carrier, in Gibraltar Jan 1970

09_HMS_Eagle_Mediterranean_Jan1970.jpg (36815 bytes)

HMS Eagle at flying stations in the Med, Jan 1970

07_SeaVixen_launchingFromHMS_Eagle_Jan1970.jpg (24362 bytes)

Sea Vixen launch...

08_SeaVixen_launchingFromHMS_Eagle_Jan1970.jpg (25167 bytes)

...and away

10_Sea_Vixen_landing_on_Eagle_Mediterranean_Jan1970.jpg (27387 bytes)

Landing on

13_Sea_Vixen_landing_on_Eagle_Mediterranean_Jan1970.jpg (19233 bytes)

Sea Vixen

14_Phantom_landing_on_Eagle_Mediterranean_Jan1970.jpg (23626 bytes)


15_Phantom_landing_on_Eagle_Mediterranean_Jan1970.jpg (32153 bytes)


16_AEW_Gannet_and Wessex_Mediterranean_Jan1970.jpg (24224 bytes)

A good trick if you can do it! AEW Gannet landing on the rescue Wessex

21_HMS_Danae_Mediterranean_Jan1970.jpg (20037 bytes)

HMS Danae, Med Jan 1970

25_Danae_and-Brown_Ranger_Jan1970.jpg (38626 bytes)

RAS (Replenishment at Sea) 
HMS Danae & Brown Ranger

25_Rear_Admiral_Pope_during-RAS_Jan1970.jpg (14998 bytes)

Rear Admiral Pope. My part of ship during a RAS was the bridge wing with the RAS telephone. The whistle blew for the gun, everyone ducked down behind the screen, except the admiral. I had to tug at his trouser leg to get him to duck, too!

29_Seacat_Aimer_Jan1970.jpg (25001 bytes)

Seacat aimer

49_HMS_Warspite_entering_Gibraltar_Feb1970.jpg (44163 bytes)

HMS Warspite entering Gibraltar, Feb 1970

01_roughers_in_the_Irish_Sea_March1970.jpg (40211 bytes)

Roughers in the Irish Sea, March 1970

02_roughers_in_the_Irish_Sea_March1970.jpg (21706 bytes)

Roughers in the Irish Sea, March 1970

07_roughers_in_the_Irish_Sea_March1970.jpg (39395 bytes)

Roughers in the Irish Sea, March 1970

33_reflection_in_a_fjord_Tromso_March1970.jpg (40749 bytes)

Reflection in a fjord - Tromso, Norway March 1970

34_alongside_in_Tromso_Norway_March1970.jpg (45696 bytes)

HMS Minerva alongside at Tromso, March 1970

38_Kresta_class_destroyer_nr_Murmansk_March1970.jpg (46417 bytes)

A trip to the White Sea. We got there without being spotted. One sweep of the radar brought Russian ships and aircraft by the score. Tailed here by Kresta class destroyer March 1970

11_MV_Mount_Sorrel_Trawler_under_tow_Faroes_April1970.jpg (33091 bytes)

Stricken trawler, (MV Mount Sorrell) under tow by Minerva to the Faroes. April 1970

15-alongside_in_Thorshavn_Faroes_April1970.jpg (29594 bytes)

HMS Minerva alongside in Thorshavn, Faroes, April 1970.

17-alongside_in_Thorshavn_Faroes_April1970.jpg (33458 bytes)

Alongside in Thorshavn, April 1970

04_buying_sheepskins_Thorshavn_Faroes_April1970.jpg (37594 bytes)

Buying sheepskins, Thorshavn April 1970

We were told the Faroes was dry. When a gale blew up on my birthday, libertymen were recalled at midnight, (by ship siren, and sweeping searchlights) and we sailed immediately. Most of the libertymen had found there was drink in the Faroes, after all!


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